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On January 6, 2020, after the preliminary evaluation by the third-party agency, the review by Zhejiang Provincial Social Organization Evaluation and Review Committee, the final evaluation and the public announcement by Zhejiang Provincial Social Organization Evaluation Committee, Zhejiang Civil Affairs Department issued the results of 242 province-wide social organizations ratings in 2020. Zhejiang Xinhua Compassion Education Fund (hereinafter referred to as XHEF) won the highest level 5A for the third time since 2010.


Social organization evaluation is an important way for social organizations to fully understand their own capacity building, continuously standardize the management, and enhance development capabilities. The comprehensive assessent includes total 110 indexes in four key areas: infrastructure, internal governance, performance & social impact.


 The assessment is conducted every five years, and there are five levels in total. " AAAAA“ is the highest level in the classification. In the evaluation in 2010 and 2016, XHEF was awarded the 5A foundation. 2021, XHEF won the 5A rating again.


"Love takes us everywhere, never give up and be hopeful." XHEF will continue to cultivate in the education public welfare sector,  teach people how to fish, and inspire the hope of life with education. From 2007 to 2021, XHEF has grown one step at a time into a more standardized, more mature and more influential social organization.


截至2020年12月,新华爱基会在全国25个省区市197所合作校开办了1500个珍珠班,“捡回珍珠计划“已资助71906名家境相对困难品学兼优初高中生、757名贫困彝族儿童、171个爱心图书室、373所爱心小学、174个爱心图书角、1650 名大山里彝族小学生 ……

As of December 2020, XHEF has sponsored 1,500 pearl classes in 197 cooperative schools in 25 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipality across China. "Hope for Pearl" project has supported 71,906 high school students from relatively difficult backgrounds, 757 Yi ethnic children, and 171 Compassion libraries, 373 Compassion primary schools, 174 Compassion book corners, 1,650 pupils of Yi primary school in the mountains.


From the north to the south of the country, pearl students have started their own families and careers, and they have given back the love they received. The goodwill actions of donors from all walks of life have impacted thousands of pearl students. "Love is seeing one's own responsibility in the needs of others", we keep our original aspiration and hope to help more people in needs, more professionally and efficiently.


The result of this evaluation is not only a full affirmation of XHEF's hard work and exploration, but also an urge and encouragement to our future development. Thanks to the trust and supervision of caring people from the public, XHEF will continue to walk in love, work for love!


Together, we are advancing towards the vision of "turning China from a populous country into a country with great love"!


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